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Our Mission Statement

It is our mission to support our local community clinicians, care-givers and essential service providers who are protecting us in the ‘front-line’ of a war against Covid 19, aka ‘Coronavirus’.

We recognise they are doing this for all our benefits, and we will do whatever we can to help them.

We will support any community minded individual, who wants to play a part in helping the ‘front-line’ people of their local community; whether it be through producing 3D printed protective equipment, delivering it, coordinating or any other volunteering.


We will do this by:


Always acting in the interests of the people in ‘the front line’ within the local community. 

Whether you’re a GP, midwife, carer, pharmacist, community nurse or anybody standing in harm’s way for our local communities, we will put your interests first and above all.


Not charging community front-line users, for either our services, or, the products supplied by the volunteer printers.

Putting it simply, our Community Volunteer 3D printers will not charge for producing PPE. If they do, they’re not acting on our behalf. We do however, in parallel, support large volume production companies who charge for their visors, especially when the majority of the companies we deal with are also donating visors to Print For Victory free of charge.


Matching the requests of those who need equipment with local volunteer 3D Printers.

We will do our utmost to match local demand with local printers and only deviate from this in situations of dire need and even then, we’ll communicate this to all


Helping every volunteer play a part, through non-discriminatory practices, regardless of disability, age, ‘lock-down’ status or financial standing.

If you want to be of help, we’ll support you. 


Supporting our volunteer 3d printers with print files, for as wide a range of 3D printer sizes as possible.

3D printing can be complex and tricky. We will make sure we have the most appropriate, easy to print and robust designs ready for all to use. We will also continually upgrade the designs to improve how we do things. We will make this software freely available for non-commercial purposes.

Whilst Print for Victory will actively seek donations from benefactors, any donations will solely be used to pay for third party costs incurred as part of its operations. The Print for Victory Team will not ask for nor receive ANY remuneration, profit, personal consideration or any favour for what we do. We will provide full transparency in matters of finance.

At the end of the project, any surplus funds will be wholly donated to charity and prior to closing the project, all personal data acquired during the project will be permanently deleted from all computers.


And so, to Victory, all!